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Financial Issues Forum Presents Robert Arnott in Conversation with Consuelo Mack | Posted on Sep 21, 2023

Financial thought leader and Research Affiliates’ Founder Rob Arnott identifies major market myths—on inflation, value investing and the supposedly passive nature of index funds

Financial Issues Forum presents Daron Acemoglu on “Power and Progress” | Posted on Sep 21, 2023

A thousand years of history and contemporary evidence make one thing clear: progress depends on the choices we make about technology.

Financial Issues Forum Presents Leon Cooperman in Conversation with Mario Gabelli | Posted on Aug 15, 2023

Join us on September 7, 2023, from 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. in the McNally Amphitheatre on Fordham University’s LC Campus for a fireside chat with Leon Cooperman, Founder, Omega Family Office; and Mario Gabelli, GABELLI ’65, Chairman and CEO, GAMCO Investors.

Financial Issues Forum Presents Diana Henriques on “Taming the Street” | Posted on Aug 15, 2023

Join us for a virtual program with award-winning financial journalist Diana Henriques on her latest book, Taming the Street: The Old Guard, the New Deal and FDR’s Fight to Regulate American Capitalism.

Financial Issues Forum Presents Joseph Calandro Jr. on “The Credit Cycle: Challenges & Solutions” | Posted on Aug 15, 2023

This presentation by Joe Calandro will profile the United States credit cycle and the challenges it poses, along with a perspective on where we seem to be in the cycle today.

Financial Issues Forum Presents Nobel Laureate Edmund Phelps on “My Journeys in Economic Theory” | Posted on Aug 15, 2023

Join us for an in-person event with one of the most important economists of his generation. Edmund Phelps developed a new understanding of unemployment and inflation and went on to rethink the roots of innovation.

Financial Issues Forum Presents: Edward Chancellor on “The Price of Time: The Real Story of Interest” | Posted on Jun 13, 2023

The financial world now finds itself caught between a rock and a hard place, and Edward Chancellor is here to tell us why.

Financial Issues Forum Presents: Cheryl Strauss Einhorn on “Problem Solver: Maximizing Your Strengths to Make Better Decisions” | Posted on Jun 13, 2023

How do you approach your decisions? Are you an Adventurer, Detective, Listener, Thinker or Visionary? Join us for a conversation with Cheryl Strauss Einhorn.

Financial Issues Forum Presents Dror Goldberg, in Conversation with Richard Sylla, on “Easy Money: American Puritans and the Invention of Modern Currency” | Posted on Apr 27, 2023

Economists endlessly debate the nature of legal tender monetary systems—coins and bills issued by a government or other authority. Yet the origins of these currencies have received little attention.

Financial Issues Forum Presents Avi Goldfarb on “Power and Prediction: The Disruptive Economics of Artificial Intelligence” | Posted on Apr 04, 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) has impacted many industries around the world—banking and finance, pharmaceuticals, automotive, medical technology, manufacturing and retail.

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