Alumni Networking Event Builds Value-Investing Community

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The value-investing program at the Gabelli School of Business has become an important and innovative part of Fordham academics, and the two professors most associated with it have their eyes on even bigger successes in the future.

Professor Sris Chatterjee and James Kelly, the director of Fordham’s Gabelli Center for Global Security Analysis, shared some of their vision with a group of young Fordham alumni, students and staff during a reception on March 9, 2016 at the University Club on 54th Street.

“Professor Chatterjee and I are trying to build a value-investing community, and you are really the foundation of that community,” Kelly told the alumni. “You are the graduates of our program, which has been in effect for three years now, and we want to keep this relationship going with you.”

Chatterjee outlined some steps he and Kelly are taking to help brand Fordham as a leading academic institution when it comes to value investing. An April value-investing conference at Fordham will pull together leading academics and practitioners.

“We hope this is going to become an annual event that will draw academics and practitioners to Fordham and to the Gabelli School,” Chatterjee said.

The two also are seeking to hold a 90-minute tutorial on value investing at an international financial management conference.

“We are trying to spread the word about value-investing education beyond our community and into the broader academic and practitioners community,” Chatterjee said.

The program at Fordham is growing.

Kelly said the value-investing program has now spread to the graduate school, with more than 160 graduate and undergraduate students taking courses. Also, Kelly said, the Student Managed Investment Fund, where undergraduate students manage a portion of Fordham’s endowment as part of a two-semester class, has grown from $1 million to $1.37 million in six years.

And the young alumni present at the University Club were proof of the program’s impact, said Gabelli School Dean Donna Rapaccioli.

“I’m so proud of what you’ve done and how you represent Fordham,” Rapaccioli told the graduates. “So keep it up!”

by John Schoonejongen

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